Museum Credits


Steve Harding
Steve Harding, principal of Steve Harding Design, Inc., in Houston, is responsible for the concept, creation and implementation of the Kenedy Ranch Museum of South Texas.

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Daniel Lechón
The comprehensive murals that tell the story of South Texas and the Kenedy family’s influence on the history of the area are the work of noted Mexican artist, Daniel Lechón.

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Kim Crowley
Santa Fe, New Mexico sculptor Kim Crowley created the life-sized figures in the interpretive exhibits throughout the Kenedy Ranch Museum.

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Robert Currie
The Media Cottage, Inc.

Plaza del Sol, Suite 112
12111 Ranch Road 12
Wimberly, TX 78676
phone: 512.847.8956
A working cattle ranch like La Parra couldn’t succeed without the “vaqueros” that kept the ranch operating as it did. Almost every aspect of today’s ranching techniques trace their origins to the vaquero and his working skills. The vaquero was the predecesor to the American cowboy. In the video “Vaquero”, Emmy award winning producer Robert Currie directed a skillfully produced film which focuses on the skills of the vaquero as well as his family and social life.


High Touch Technologies
110 South Main Street, Suite 600
Wichita, KS 67202
phone: 316-462-4001

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