Education Initiatives

From time to time, the Kenedy Foundation sees a compelling need in the community and initiates a grant to meet that need. Such initiatives in recent years have been in the area of Catholic school education. Education, particularly Catholic education, has been the number one priority for the foundation in recent years.

The Grants staff has always scheduled selective site visits for grant applicants. Recently, an extensive program of site visits to Catholic schools and churches has been initiated, which may result in future initiatives.

Tuition Assistance Initiative

Recognizing the value of a Catholic school education and desiring to make it more accessible for all, the Kenedy Foundation began providing tuition assistance grants to all of the Catholic schools in South Texas in 2004. As funds have allowed, the size of the grants have slowly increased.

Tuition assistance grants are also given to Catholic schools with demonstrated needs in other Texas diocese, and to several Catholic and public universities.