Please be aware that as of January 1, 2018, fundraiser requests submitted to the Kenedy Memorial Foundation will only be accepted on line.   No letter or other form of correspondence will be accepted for fundraiser requests.   This action allows the Foundation to have an accurate record of a request, and assures the applicant that the request has been received and will be carefully reviewed and considered.  Thank you for your attention to this important change to our Grant Policy. 


Eligibility Quiz (Click here)

Passing the Eligibility Quiz will give you immediate access to the online Fundraiser Request Form.
The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation strongly encourages organizations to request for Fundraiser funds using the online request form. However, if your organization cannot UPLOAD required attachments to complete the online request process, please complete the PDF fundraiser request form provided below, attach all required documents and mail to The John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, 555 N. Carancahua, Suite 1700, Tower II, Corpus Christi, TX 78478.
The file below was created for Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you will be able to open, complete and print the form. Unless you have advanced Adobe software, you will not be able to save the file to your computer. Once you leave the form at the website, your information will be removed from the form. Your form will be blank next time you logon.

2014 Fundraiser Request Form
The Foundation prefers only one request every twelve months from an organization for fundraising events. Funding for each event will not exceed $5,000 unless otherwise approved by the Board or Executive Committee. If you do not meet any of the established criteria outlined, please do not continue the fundraiser request process. If you are not sure if you meet the criteria, the Eligibility Quiz below will help you assess your request against the criteria.
To start you pass the Eligibility Quiz, to gain immediate access to the Online Fundraiser Request Form.

  • Electronic Attachments – If Applicable, please attach all relevant documents to complete your request. The request will not be considered complete without UPLOADING the required electronic attachments. Upload instructions are provided.



  • E-mail Confirmation: Your e-mail address will be used to confirm receipt of your Fundraiser request.
  • Start Now, Finish Later: You can create a username and password which will let you save an in-process request.