A Letter From The CEO

Sylvia A. Whitmore


July, 2017


Dear Friends:

Our Board of Directors met recently to perform one of their most important, and certainly one of their most satisfying duties, to approve the 2017 grants!   Once again, the Foundation received many more requests than we are able to fund, almost 500 grant applications were received for consideration.  These many applications remind us that the needs throughout the State of Texas are great, and that our job is never done.  We thank all of the applicants for their applications and although not all were approved for funding, that does not reflect on the merits of the submission nor on the value of the project.  We always suggest that the organization not be discouraged and reapply.


The first six months of 2017 have been productive and exciting.     Besides enjoying a robust return on our diverse investments, the ranch has seen a great deal of activity from numerous revenue sources;  seismic shoots, new well production, and the advent of a new wind farm which could be operational as early as late 2018.  Additionally, we have 40,000 acres that are available for a hunting and grazing lease(s) option in our Jaboncillos Division in early 2019.


This option is a rare occurrence at the famed Kenedy Ranch which was recently named number 55 in the top 100 ranches of America’s largest landowners by the 2016 Land Report.   Enhancement of wildlife habitat and conservation were incredibly important to Sarita Kenedy East, Kenedy Memorial Foundation founder, and remain passionate priorities of the Foundation today.  As a result, the pastures of the Jaboncillos Division that will be for lease enjoy a varied vegetation with dense oak mottes, coastal prairies, mesquite woodlands, wetlands, mudflats, and sand dunes.  There are fields of seacoast, big bluestem, paspalums, cord grasses, yucca, mesquite, running live oak, and live oak trees.  This diverse ecosystem provides habitat for birds, small mammals, and large game animals which include white-tailed deer, Nilgai, wild turkeys, feral hogs, Bobwhite quail, ducks, mourning doves, and geese to name a few.   Please go on our website, www.kenedy.org, for further details about this rare opportunity.

Here’s to a great rest of the summer!  Stay cool, and we will be in touch again later this year with updates from the Kenedy Memorial Foundation.


Warmest regards, Sylvia